COMPENDIUM ENTRY #1 - 18th September 2020

Hey there guys, its your main man Mr. Andrew Lester and I’m excited to bring you the first edition of APC’s nationally syndicated RESOURCE COMPENDIUM (make bold). Today we’ve put together a few articles about what this wacky thing we call “"”computer science””” actually is, what coding means and a fun little test about how you’ve interacted with FCCPS’ information technology. This compendium entry is on schoology, but future ones will be on the official APC Website.

Reminder our first meeting is next Friday (9/25/20) at 11am. If you don’t show up I will be incredibly disappointed, and perhaps even saddened.


  1. Kanye Fun Fact #1: Kanye used to code video games in middle school! If he can do it, so can you! Stay tuned for future kanye fun facts in our entries, this is a teaser.
  2. Computer Science Hype from
  3. What is Coding Blog Post
  4. Test your FCCPS Electronic Handbook Compliance: Post your scores on the quiz in the comments on this post!

COMPENDIUM ENTRY #2 - 25th September 2020

REMEMBER WE HAVE OUR FIRST MEETING TODAY AT 11AM. If you don’t show up, it is with a heavy heart and misty eyes that I will tell you that you are personally responsible for Andrew’s disappointment and sadness. You monster.

ayo ppl its Jonathan Aimison Oppenheimer with the APC’s second weekly compendium. Due to the APC’s incredible work ethic, complete mastery of website development and quick production schedules, we failed to do literally any work at all on the website. This means the statement in our prior update, indicating future compendium entries would be on our website, was a complete and utter fabrication.
This week I’ve got some introductory resources to HTML and CSS (the tools we use very well and quickly to make the APC website) and of course the second Kanye fact.

pls come 2 our meeting

  1. Building Your First Web Page - (seriously this has everything)
  2. Hosting your new website for free (Tutorial)
  3. Visualizations for Data Structures and Algorithms in CS
  4. The Second Kanye Fact™ - did you know on september 15th, kanye west started talking about how egregious the contracts that major labels place on young individuals are, and was infuriated by this. on september 16th, a day later, he proceeded to tweet out each page of his contracts, but not before failing to do that, by accidentally tweeting out the file name instead of the actual file. later on in the day, he tweeted a video of him engaging in questionable actions upon a grammy award (serves them right for the amount of snubs they’ve given out especially in 2013), and then got banned from twitter for 12 hours for revealing personal information about a white supremacist. (courtesy of rohan v suri)

COMPENDIUM ENTRY #3 - 2nd October 2020

today’s update is super special because it is coming at [insert time] rather than 8am not because we forgot entirely but because we wanted to surprise you. surprise! This is the first update that will be accessible from, a place where you can view all our compendiums, constantly updated, for the entire year. to put that page together in such short notice, we employed advanced coding tactics such as “googling what we wanted to do” and “shamelessly copying and pasting it.” revisions will come in time, but they’ll always be at

details about another meeting coming soon™️

Compendium content:
In preparation for our next meeting, (if you’re interested in coming!), please download Visual Studio Code and set up a GitHub account.

  1. How to create a GitHub account (with pictures)
  2. How to download and setup Visual Studio Code
  3. Good practice for file trees when developing
  4. Kanye fun fact #3: kanye doesn’t like water bottles. in fact he hates them, especially on airplanes when they just show up.
    kanye west tweet

COMPENDIUM ENTRY #4 - 16th October 2020

Hey everyone. it’s andrew for today.
Please remember that we have a meeting today at 11am – we’ll be going over how to set-up Github accounts and Visual Studio Code installations to get you all set up to start actually programming (only 7 months into the club tbf)
Additionally, the APC recently has been presented the opportunity to have a guest speaker, Timothy B. Lee, the senior tech policy reporter at ArsTechnica. Would you be interested in having him come speak to the club during one of our meetings? Answer the poll!
Lastly, here’s today’s edition of the resource compendium:

Compendium content:

  1. How to create lists in HTML
  2. How to style lists with CSS
  3. Read about a recent Supreme Court case between Google and Oracle on the Java language (by Timothy Lee!): This will help prepare you for the guest speaker’s presentation.
  4. Kanye fun fact #4: kanye feels that although some emojis are not used as often, they should all be respected and loved.
    kanye west tweet

COMPENDIUM ENTRY #5 - 29th October 2020


Hey guys unfortunately I can’t open this update with “que es bueno mis compadres” because it’s supposed to be serious which kinda sucks. I wanted to let you all know that based on the results of our last poll, we have decided to move forward with bringing in Mr. Timothy B. Lee as a guest speaker. He will be speaking to the club on November 20th at 11am, and we’d really love it if you guys would come — both because it’ll actually be fairly interesting (definitely more interesting than listening to me speak) and because he’s taking time out of his day to come talk to us. We’ll include some of his work in our compendiums until his talk and will keep reminding you of his visit — it’s also viewable on our calendar.
Thank you!

  1. How to link and use Javascript with HTML pages
  2. An introduction to CSS animations (make things look nice!)
  3. Lidar used to cost $75,000—here’s how Apple brought it to the iPhone - (Timothy B. Lee)
  4. Kanye fun fact #5: kanye believes that God put him on earth to be the president of the United States of America - “I believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world, it was something that god put on my heart back in 2015,” as he stated in an incomprehensible interview with Joe Rogan.

COMPENDIUM ENTRY #6 - 13th November 2020


Hi APC - please remember that next Friday at 11:00am (11/20/20) is when Mr. Timothy Lee will be coming and speaking to us. We highly encourage you to come to this meeting — as we said before, Mr. Lee is taking time out of his day to come speak to us so we’d really like to give him a decent turnout. Please use the poll below to indicate whether you plan on attending (saying yes > saying no > not replying at all). There will not be a meeting today, but as always the compendium is linked below.
Thank you all,
Rohan Suri

  1. Mastering GitHub Issues (join the APC organization!)
  2. Google’s Supreme Court faceoff with Oracle was a disaster for Google (Consider reading for the meeting!)
  3. TikTok says it’s been waiting weeks for a Trump response on US ban (Timothy Lee — followup!)
  4. Kanye fun fact #6: Kanye West is known to get emotional over your font choice. Do him a favor and never use Comics Sans.
    kanye west tweet